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The OCH I ArCH studio is a team of people with a passion for architecture, graphics and broadly understood design. Our many years of experience allows us to work efficiently and effectively, while maintaining the highest attention to detail. Our mission is to create comprehensive projects in the field of architecture and graphics that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding investors. 

Our team consists of experienced architects, interior designers and graphic designers who gained their knowledge at universities in various parts of the country, such as: Warsaw University of Technology,  Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and Białystok University of Technology. Some of us have also won architectural and graphic competitions. Despite having higher education and professional experience, we actively participate in training and refresher courses. We also try to participate in events and cultural events related to architecture and graphics to develop our knowledge of the latest trends and materials.

We complement each other creating a harmonious, competent team. Our common idea is customer satisfaction, which is why we always try to work on each project to full customer satisfaction and always meet the agreed deadlines. An additional advantage of our team is fluent knowledge of foreign languages, thanks to which we have served and still serve many international clients.

We approach each order with full commitment, regardless of its size or complexity, taking into account legal, economic and aesthetic conditions. Our style is based on rational use of space and design focused on high functionality combined with ergonomics and design. We carry out projects throughout Poland.

The words that guided me when establishing our studio are: "we work to our full satisfaction" and "we design from a to z". This means that I make sure that every customer who uses our services is fully satisfied. Nothing is impossible for us and the limits are only there where we set them ourselves.

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